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Annual Integral Education Workshop, 20 – 27 May 2013

This year’s workshop on Integral Education was organized at the Society House of Sri Aurobindo Society in Puducherry. Forty-seven participants, including teachers, principals, educationists and parents, from 10 states of the country participated in the Workshop. The objective of this Workshop was to introduce the principles of Integral Education as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to the participants, and also how to impart it to children.

A balanced programme of theory and practical aspects, with sessions on various aspects of Integral Education, especially at kindergarten (KG) and primary levels, covering the subjects, language development, physical education, character development, sense development, art, Sanskrit, etc., formed the main content of the Workshop. There were also visits to the KG section of the Ashram’s Centre of Education, along with sessions on educational aids, in-house physical education activities for children, and the sublime early morning Sanskrit chanting and the yogic exercises, which added to the dimension of the Workshop. There were also special sessions on Application of Psychic Education, Project Work method, Nature, and Awareness.

It was a beautiful experience for all those involved—both the resource persons and the participants—as it provided a platform to grow together in the spirit of Integral Education. Many of the participants felt within themselves a change of perspective towards education itself, and all the participants resolved to make a conscious attempt at implementing the vision of Integral Education at their places, in whatever way they can.

The detailed report provides a more comprehensive description of the events and itinerary of the workshop as it unfolded.