Sri Aurobindo Society manages its own schools in Bengaluru, Patiala, Chandigarh, Jodhpur, Delhi and a few other places. At our schools, emphasis is laid on an integral approach encompassing the fitness of the body, the emotional well being, the mental development with strong accent on self understanding and introspection.


Our methods have the following characteristics:

  • A friendly, safe, supportive environment that encourages self-discipline and introspection
  • An emphasis on inquiry based learning rather than rote based learning
  • Inter-disciplinary approach to knowledge is encouraged, so that the child can integrate knowledge of different subjects for a natural, holistic and integrated along with self-development.
  • A direct focus on developing powers of the mind and qualities of the heart through special programs and classes.
  • The teacher often leads by example to inspire learning and creates an environment where collective learning and sharing of skills is encouraged.


At AuroSchools learning is not confined to the walls of classroom or bound by formal school hours. Learning happens consciously and sub-consciously, directly and indirectly.

While encompassing traditional chalk and talk methods,  our approach goes much beyond them. It includes games, discussions, silence, drama, debates, speeches, music, art and a variety of activities. Several features are woven in the curriculum so that they blend naturally with everyday learning in and outside the classroom. Several elements are included that will have far-reaching and deep impact on the growth and learning of the child.

Our Schools

Auro Mirra International School, Bangalore

Established: 2012
Number of students: 260
Up to Class 5



Mirmabika - Bangalore

Mirambika School For New Age, Bangalore

Established: 1988
Number of students: 750
Up to class 10



Sri Aurobindo School of Integral Education, Chandigarh

Established: 1994
Number of students: 425
Up to class 12


Patiala - School 2

Auro–Mirra Centre of Education, Patiala

Established: 1998
Number of students: 700
Up to Class 8


Patiala School 1

Sri Aurobindo International School, Patiala

Established: 1984
Number of students: 1100
Up to Class 12



Sri Aurobindo Centre of New Education, Jodhpur

Established: 2007
Number of students: 600
Up to class 10



Navakriti, New Delhi

Established: 2005
Number of students: 80
Play school