Collaborative Assessment Process (CAP)

ICIE has been working on the creation of a Collaborative Assessment Project to develop an innovative, creative process of assessment, monitoring, evidence creation and knowledge creation that is peer-to-peer based at the Project Director level or “the grassroots level.” This is seen as being a parallel effort to the ISTE NETS standards, contextualized for India’s NGO community.

This effort to create a contemporary process of self-understanding and shared understanding of what is happening with each of the EIFI Awardee Projects over the life of the Project is what is being called “the Collaborative Assessment Process” (CAP).

There have been on-going Conference Calls since this February to define the work to be done in consultation with HP SSI in creating a methodology for assessment, monitoring and evaluation of the EIFI Awardee Projects. The concept includes not only the assessment, monitoring and evaluation activity related to these Projects, but also the use of storytelling, narrative building and qualitative analysis as well as quantitative analysis. Therefore, the emerging CAP Project has from the beginning been conceptualized by ICIE as a Pilot Project with potential for replication and scaling up on a national level.

From April, 2013 onwards, two new stakeholders were added to the CAP initiative. The first is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD,, and the second the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE,

With the addition of OECD and ISTE senior researchers to the CAP Project, the pedagogical discussion has advanced quickly. The CAP Project is now ready to be activated through the participation of the EIFI Awardee Project Directors in a CAP Workshop in Pondicherry July 26-28, 2013. All 18 Project Directors of the Mega-Grant and Major Grants have been invited and accepted the invitation.

The two Workshop Leaders will be Dr. Stephen Vincent Lancrin, senior researcher from the OECD and Dr. Clare Strawn, senior researcher from ISTE’s Research Division.

Dr. Stephen Vincent-Lancrin is in charge of the “Inclusive Innovation in Education” section of the OECD’s global report on “Innovation Policy” which is being prepared for global policy makers, as well as educational leaders in India.

Dr. Clare Strawn is widely published in the areas of assessment, monitoring, evaluation and knowledge creation, as well as a global workshop leader in all aspects of the use of research to create and use knowledge to enhance organizational development and empowerment. Her innovations in assessment, monitoring and evaluation include the Project Ringtones on-line process and the new HP Catalyst Academy.

The CAP workshop was conducted by ICIE for the EIFI awradees from 26-28 July 2013 in Puducherry. For more on this please visit our News section. Please see here for ISTE report of the CAP workshop.