OasisOrganization for Awareness of Integrated Social Security (OASIS) is a registered organisation by the name ‘Ekikrat Samajik Suraksha Chetna Sansthan’, under the MP Societies Registration Act 1971. The mission of OASiS is to establish systems, that ensure every citizen an equitable social and economic status, and empowered to avail his/her rights.

OASIS was born out of the vision and dreams of a corporate professional turned Social Entrepreneur in 2003, who was disillusioned by India’s rising GDP and rising Poverty line population, and decided to strengthen the bottom line. He found the development sector lacking an Innovations laboratory, to try various ideas, approaches and models of development, and decided to start one. For his innovative thinking, approach and entrepreneurial ability, he was awarded the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship (an International fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs) in 2004.

Sri Aurobindo Society has partnered with OASIS to develop ‘GRAMODAYA – A Rural Awakening’, that aims to chalk out a new path of development, by creating a backbone of rural development professionals, from the best brains available in rural areas. For more details on Gramodaya, click here