Satya Special School

Satya Special School

About Satya Special School

Satya Special School was started in June 2003 for special children with various mental disabilities – like Autism, Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, learning difficulties and multiple disabilities.

Unlike other schools for special children, Satya believes in catering to the individual needs of the child. Each child is assessed according to its individual and psychological capabilities and training is provided based on their needs. The school has specialized trained staff who understand and teach these special children.

Satya Special School aims to establish a specialty center well equipped with the latest facilities and  trained personnel  providing good quality, affordable , up-to-date education & therapy.

Why was SATYA started?

In most parts of India, irrespective of state, region or religion the disgrace of giving birth to a mentally disabled child is unanimous. Despite modern human rights attitudes, the idea that a mentally disabled child is the result of the anger of gods, or ancestors, the embodiment of sin in the family or of sin itself, is widely prevalent.

Consequently, children with disabilities are amongst the most marginalized sections of society in India. While in the last decade and a half, there has been a growing awareness and several significant achievements, a large number of physically and mentally challenged persons still live in alienation and isolation. Further, most of the persons with disabilities belong to the economically lower brackets. They are doubly disadvantaged since they come from the poorer sections of the society while their cost of living is higher due to the additional cost of aids and appliances, need for modifications in their dwelling units and manpower support that they may need.

Being a centrally located health clinic (CLINIC NALLAM), a number of children with special needs used to visit the specialist psychiatrist attached to the health clinic. The alarming numbers of such patients triggered off an idea among the doctors to start a school for children with special needs. Though the city already had such schools, due to financial constraints the schools did not admit children from poor families who could not pay a monthly fee. Keeping in mind, the needs of the lower sections of society and the social stigmas attached to having such children at home, a few liked minded individuals, – Doctors, businessmen, social workers started the Satya Special School (SSS).

Services Offered

  •       Early Intervention programme for children  (0-6 years)
  •       Special School –  Day School  (6- 14 years)
  •       Therapy Center 
  •       Center for Multiple Disability (6-14 years)
  •       Pre Vocational Training (14 – 16 years)
  •       Vocational Training, Sheltered Workshop ( 16 years & above)
  •       Village Rehabilitation Centers
  •       Mobile Therapy Unit
  •       Play Center
  •       Sports for the disabled
  •       Ludomobil
  •       Sustainable livelihood programmes for families of PWDs.
  •       Capacity building for parents & staff
  •       Research & Documentation
  •       Adult Independent Living Programme
  •       Placement Center for PWDs

Today the school caters to over 325 children with varied special needs. With the State of the art infrastructure and human resources, Satya is changing the face of disability rehabilitation in Pondicherry.

The partnership

Sri Aurobindo Society has partnered with Satya Special School to change the current fragmented rehabilitation system into an Integrated holistic rehabilitation system dedicated at improving the lives of intellectually disabled children, thereby making social inclusion a reality.

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