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Teacher Education Camp for DSE In-service Primary School Teachers, Puducherry

ate: 29-Oct-2018
Location:District Institute of Education and Training, Lawspet, Puducherry

1-A three-day In-service Teacher Education Programme on “Innovative Pedagogical Interventions & Creative Teaching Aptitude” was held from October 29 to 31, 2018, in Puducherry for In-service Teachers working with the Directorate of School Education (DSE) in Puducherry. The Programme was developed by Theatre Arts in Integral Education (TAIIE) practitioner Ravi Shankar and was facilitated, along with Arts & Craft in Education enthusiasts Kiran & Hrishikesh, as an additional part of Sri Aurobindo Society’ transformative initiatives started as Rupantar. Thirty participants underwent a transcendental journey through this programme on the creative learning approach to Integral Education.

The Programme gave all the participants a wider perspective on the aspects of Education and its role in today’sworld. Participants enjoyed experiencing the process of creative teaching through project works based on theatre and visual arts. The whole process sensitized them towards their role as compassionate and creative teachers and elevated them to the summit of their consciousness. Exploring the contextual and creative approach to integrated learning processes connected them to their inner realm of unitive qualities. Finally, the Programme has culminated with deeper reflection which resulted in chalking out their plan of action in regard to using all the innovative practices explored during these three days, to foster the integral development of their children. With the vibrations of renewed enthusiasm, joy and perspectives, they celebrated their valediction.

Excerpts from Feedback
The the days’ training went like three hours. I am very happy…enjoyed and learned so many things during this training. This is the only training where we did all the activities like dancing, singing, enacting drama and changing ourselves according to the situations. I learned to use the abacus and how to do four operations of math. Using natural materials I learned to make teaching aids for various purpose. By play way method, students will do the activities with interest and learning outcomes will be achieved easily. – B. Vithya, GPS, Karikalampakkam

This programme is very useful and good for us. It is something different from earlier training programmes. This training is fully based on activities and games. This is one of the easy ways to attain the expected learning outcomes. This pedagogy is totally child-centered.

– M. Janarthan, GPS, Ecole Anglaise

First of all, I have learned to see the beauty of others. I learned to connect all the learning outcomes from all the subjects and create an atmosphere in which we can involve all types of students. So that everybody in the class is encouraged to participate and our ELO is achieved. Code2 Abacus is available in our school but I didn’t know about that. Now I came to know about the usage of that. I will also teach my students. Hrishikesh sir explained clearly.  

– G. AnithaGPS, Karikalampakkam4-

This training programme shows us how actual learning takes place. Although we teachers have many complications regarding our work burden, for the benefit of our children, we should try these kinds of activities in our school. We are already using the EE format of teaching and learning but ‘Make belief’ activities and creating/bringing the environment in the classroom in an integrated manner is very new for us. The pedagogy used in this training is a constructive approach. By this approach, we can show our children how to think, an essential need of this time. Before this training, there was no role of students in the planning, but hereafter they too will be given a role to plan and execute. I experienced the true meaning of the word ‘facilitation’ from the resource persons. It provides a good model to take to my school and children.  – R Gomathi, GGPS, Savarayalu Nayagar

I feel learning through activities is a very effective way of teaching. Through this way, peer learning is empowered. Learning by doing or acting, students will know about their surroundings and the theme of the lessons properly . . . Learned how to use natural resources for teaching. 
– S. Arulmozhi, GGPS, Bahour3-

I have experienced creative teaching. The three days training is very useful and valuable. These types of pedagogical interventions are relevant to today’s need for change in our existing education system.  
– S. Suganniya – GPS, Kakayanthope

So far, I didn’t attend this type of training before. Really, very nice and helpful for my teaching and for myself. I feel so happy to attend this training because it is activity based. Each and everybody participated in all the activities with full interest. Kiran mam’s meditation and physical exercises were very nice and Hrishikesh sir explained how to use the abacus. It was superb and he gave a chance to everyone. Overall, I like this training very much. Earlier we used to teach one subject at a time but now we can integrate language, Maths, EVS. Students will easily understand the topics through activities which is relevant to day-to-day life. They understand the theme by doing, so it will be concrete. Instead of memorizing they will learn by action and it will also be easy to attain the learning outcomes.
– V. Batamavady – GPS, Karuvadikuppam5-

The three-day training programme is very nice. We were so very involved that we forgot to drink water, time, food, etc. I learned craft work and how to execute “learning by doing” in the classroom; also learned to recycle the waste in an innovative manner. I have decided to design each and every activity related to the ELO from these three days of training. I learned to understand children’s mindset and decided to change my teaching style. I would also like to incorporate emotional education. – M. Kalaivany, GPS, Ariyur

I think this is the best teaching method I learned during these three days camp.

– M. Jayakumar – GPS, Aratchikuppam

It covers all type of learners and creates interest in learning. Self-interest for learning can be developed through this. Eagerness, efficiency, involvement are developed. No recitation practice takes place. The concept can be clear through practice. Each and every individual can participate.

Before training the role of students and my role with them was very difficult, but now it would be easy to take care of them and to teach them in a creative way to meet the learning outcomes. 
– B. Kavitha Devi – GPS, Aranganur

This programme was different from other In-service training. It was very useful. It made me think in a different way. It gave a thought that everything is possible in the world. I learned to keep my mind and body active and healthy in thoughts and feelings. This programme will help us to bring a change in our classroom. This will be helpful to change the mindset of teachers towards the present education system. It made me realize that a single object can be used to meet the learning outcomes. Our surrounding can be used to teach so many things to meet the learning outcomes and to enhance their learning. I will use the multiple concentration games and other games learned here. It made us teach very difficult topic also in an easy way. – P. Rajasundari, GGPS, Thirukkanur

After this training programme, I got special energy to bring out the best of our students in a better way. Using this approach we can involve all children and everyone will get a chance to participate in everything. Usually, in a group activity some students dominate others and don’t accept others’ ideas but these pedagogical interventions will help children to incorporate everybody’s ideas and suggestions. – B. Irusammal, GPS, Chettipet

This way of teaching will help us achieve the learning outcomes easily for all types of children. Even those kids who are shy in nature will also participate fully to express their feelings and emotions. The monotonous way of teaching will be changed through this pedagogical Interventions and children will enjoy a lot. – R. Keerthy, GPS, Perungalore

I would like to incorporate these pedagogical ideas in my school. This is a very effective way of learning the subjects with hands-on experience. Children will love and happily accept this method. This is enjoyable and contextual. If we incorporate this method, this will definitely be successful.
– B. Manjuladevi, GPS, Karuvadikuppam

This training will make students active in the classroom. This will also make the teaching interesting and joyful. This will get better learning outcomes because this is activity based and children will learn the concepts easily. – S. Balamurugan, GPS, Kurusukuppam

This programme stimulates my mind to teach without TLM. Ms. Kiran’s yoga gives power to my mind.
– J. J. Rajkumar, GPS, Krasur

This is completely a new experience I got during this camp. We learned how to create a creative learning environment for students. It covers all the expected learning outcomes of all the subjects. 
– N. Priyamathi, GPS, Thattanchavdi

The training was very good, interactive and useful. Through this joyful learning approach, students will be able to share their ideas and everyone will participate. Unknowingly they will learn everything. This will help children to understand the issue and find a solution which will also help them further in their day-to-day life. – K. Maheswari, GPS, K. T. Kuppanpet

The learning outcome will surely be met as children will learn by doing the lessons. I’m sure, activities done by children would never be forgotten. – R. Sathiya, GPS, Thiruvandarkoil