Vision & Mission

Vision & MIssion


An Integral Education which enables each individual, institution and country to realise its highest potential, and to offer its best for building a new, better and happier world, strong in its unity, rich in its diversity.

ICIE aspires to work for the realization of this vision as an authentic and trusted source for:

  1. personal and professional development, global standards in teaching and technology and transmission of educational praxis at the local, state, regional, national and global levels.
  2. networking of educators involved in the creation and dissemination of holistic learning, combining deeper values and the latest technology.
  3. bringing about a major change in the entire educational scene in India by initiating a creative and conscious integration of technology and Indian psychological insights into the best practices of teaching.


ICIE works through and in Education for

  • an integral development of the individual, including the physical, the emotional and mental with spiritual as the foundation.
  • developing new and innovative ways of imparting values, creativity, aesthetic refinement, knowledge and life-skills using the power, reach and capabilities of technology.
  • helping in the building of mutually supportive networks and relationships, both personal and professional, through sharing of goals, ideas, experiences, in teaching and learning.
  • involving all members of the society – parents, teachers, educationists and others – in creating a life-long learning community.
  • developing a person-centred education that is inclusive, joyful, interesting and relevant, and which can transform an entire generation of hundreds of millions of students, having very diverse social, economic, cultural, and language backgrounds.
  • bringing the best of educational insights, knowledge and practices from the world to India, and taking the best from India to the world.